“Wer ist Albert?” — Artist’s Book, 2021

Albert Coers: “Wer ist Albert?” — Artist’s book, 2021
6 book­lets 10,5 x 14,8 cm, 4 post­cards, in card­board-box, 24,9 x 15,7 x 4,8 cm

A collec­tion of quo­ta­ti­ons fea­turing the name “Albert”, cut from dif­fe­rent sources, most­ly novels from the 18th cen­tu­ry to the pre­sent, was trans­for­med into an artist’s book: A box con­tai­ning dif­fe­rent “chap­ters”, indi­pen­dent book­lets and a seri­es of post­cards. Exhi­bi­ti­on views from the instal­la­ti­on “Wer ist Albert?” (2021) were inte­ga­ted, ano­t­her lay­er of cutouts added, sen­ten­ces put tog­e­ther to new sequen­ces. I deve­lo­ped a dum­my during a work­shop by Back­bonebooks / Clau­dia de la Tor­re, 21.–23.7.2021, Ber­lin. Other par­ti­ci­pants were Tali Nei­man and Yasamin Saffarian.

Books by Albert Coers, Tali Nei­man, Yasamin Saf­fa­ri­an, pho­to: Tali Neiman